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Apply for the credit card through capital one and the links available at and Wheel of Fortune. com. Do not apply except through the bonus offer links of at least a $50 or $100 sign up bonus offer because they are always available to new cardholder applicants. Normal credit card approval rules and requirements apply

The offer that came in my mail said the following and while I added a link it may not remain valid You can now earn points toward your favorite Sony® merchandise even faster! Learn more about the Sony Card from Capital One®. It's the card that lets you earn Sony Rewards on all of your Sony Card purchases … with no annual fee.

Receive a $100 statement credit after your first purchase. Learn more about the Sony Card.

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Q: How do you get a Sony card on the Wheel of Fortune?
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How do you get a Sony card for Wheel of Fortune prizes?

You can get information from the Sony credit card or Capital One credit site. As of 2014, the Sony Rewards activities for Wheel of Fortune have been relocated to the Wheel of Fortune site.

Do you need a sony card to win prizes on wheel of fortune?


What credit card do you get if you want to participate in Wheel of Fortune?

Sony Visa Card

What is a Sony card from Wheel of Fortune?

It is a credit card and is not from Wheel of Fortune but from Capital One and issued to allow rewards selected from Sony Products The Sony card is issued exclusively to Sony Rewards Members and more information can be found about the card and Sony Rewards club in the related links below the answer. Basically instead of your credit card points being used for air miles you use them for Sony Products and you also earn points at Wheel of Fortune

Has anyone ever won the 50000 dollars from Wheel of Fortune and Sony?

yes more than one, but it is from Capital One Sony Credit Card that you win the $50,000 and you win the prize from Wheel of Fortune

Where do you find the application for the Wheel of Fortune Sony Card?

Online sites it is best to make sure that it includes a bonus with first purchase Sony .com, wheel of fortune. com and Sony rewards .com all have links with offers at different times. Clicking on anything with Sony card pictured or mentioned will lead to application links

Do you have to have a Sony card in order to win prizes for Wheel of Fortune?

No, but during the summer they cardholders will get $10,000 instead of $5,000

Where can you get a Sony Rewards card for the wheel of fortune?

It's a Capital one credit card from Visa and the best links include $50 or $100 bonuses with first purchase Both the Sony site and the wheel of fortune site often have links and they also send emails to members of the Sony rewards site

Where did Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzles go on Sony rewards?

As of 2014, the Wheel Watchers Club was relocated from the Sony Rewards site and integrated into the Wheel of Fortune site (see link below).

How do you answer wheel of fortune?

Some people go to the Sony Rewards site and complete the day's Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle

How do you getsony card on wheel of fortune?

Use link to apply at Wheel Of Fortune Site or Sony Rewards Most of the best offers include bonus money of $50 or $100 with first purchase so look for one of those

How do you register for 5000 giveaway on Wheel of Fortune?

You must sign up for a spin id at the wheel of fortune . com site or at Sony rewards