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Sorry but you can't get jigglypuff in Pokemon pearl. You should trade with someone who has soulsilver or heartgold or you can buy soulsilver or heartgold.

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Q: How do you get a Jigglypuff in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get Jigglypuff in Pokemon pearl?

on route 212!

What level does Jigglypuff evolve on Pokemon pearl?

you need a moon stone

How do you find Jigglypuff in the trophy garden on Pokemon pearl?

u cant

What Pokemon can you evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon pearl?

Jigglypuff, Celefairy, Nidorino, Nidorina, Skitty.

How do you get Jigglypuff in Pokemon Diamond pearl?

at the Pokemon mansion after obtaining nat dex talk to mr backlot

What Pokemon evolve with moon stone in pearl Pokemon?

A Moonstone can evolve a Nidorina, Nidorion, Claefairy, Jigglypuff, and Skitty

What Pokemon evolves from the moon stone in Pokemon Pearl?

Clefairy is the only Pokemon in pearl that evolves with a moon stone but once you get the national dex you can evolve Jigglypuff, Nidorino, Nidorina & Skitty

Where can you find Jigglypuff in Pokemon pearl?

Jigglypuff can be found in the Trophy Garden on a day where the owner of the mansion tells you that he saw one. It may take a few days, but it will eventually happen.

On Pokemon pearl which Pokemon evolve with moon stone?

it evolves Skitty -> Delcatty Nidorino -> Nidoking Nidorina -> Nidoqueen Clefairy -> Clefable Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff

Where do you find Michael Jackson on Pokemon diamond and Pokemon platinum and Pokemon pearl?

Go to the Trophy Garden. Catch a Male Jigglypuff. Nickname it "Michael Jackson". You're done.

What type is the Pokemon Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff is the dual Normal/Fairy-type Pokemon.

Why is Jigglypuff in smash bros?

because jigglypuff is a Pokemon