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You can either evolve a psyduck which is in seafoam islands or you can capture in seafoam islands. Bring about 3-5 ultra balls and put it at half health(sleep, paralysis, or freeze would be good also) then just throw it. Then use Dig, then fly to Fuschia City, head west, enter the building, and Haden will offer his Lickitung, MARC, for the Golduck.

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Q: How do you get a Golduck in fire red to trade for a Lickitung on Route 18?
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Where do you get Licktung in Pokemon FireRed?

You can get a lickitung in fire red by trading with a kid in the building that is in between fuchisa and route 18. You trade him a golduck.

In Pokemon FireRed where do you get Lickitung?

You have to go to the gate connecting route 18 and Fuchsia city. To put a precise pinpoint it is the West/Left exit out of the city. There will be a trainer named Haden. Haden will offer a Lickitung for a Slowbro.Answercatch a slowbro and go to route 18 near the biker road and trade it with a kid with yellow hair This is fire red.... The kid who will trade his lickitung is near biker road... west of Fuchia City he is upstairs... first you need to get a GOLDUCK... You can catch PSYDUCK at the islands (south and west of fuscia) (East of Cinnabar) Psyduck evolves at LV.33... Then take Golduck and talk to the kid with the lickitung... (it is nicknamed Marc by the way)Head to fushia city once your there head to the left gate once your inside go upstairs and youl meet a kid who'll trade a golduck for a LICKITUNG there you go. =)

In Pokemon Crystal where can you get a likitung?

You can't get a lickitung in Pokemon leaf green/fire red. the only way you can get a lickitung is that if you own a copy of Pokemon xd gale of darkness and catch a shadow lickitung, after you beat gale of darkness you go to pheanec city and enter the Pokemon center. you go down the stairs of the pokeon center and there should be a Pokemon trade center. NOTE: You cannot trade Pokemon from either game unless you have found the ruby and sapphire in Pokemon leaf green/fire red and beat Pokemon xd gale of darkness. Actually lickytung is a trade in leafgreen i believe if you have a golduck and go west of fuschia city inside a big building then go upstairs a kid will trade you his lickytung for golduck.

How do you get a golduck in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cannot, you can get it from fire red and then trade it to leaf green. that's the only way i think.

Where to see lickilicky for Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

I don't know where you see it, but to get it you need to teach a lickitung rollout and then when it grows to the next level it will evolve. To get a lickitung have three options: 1. If you are on fire red or leaf green trade with some guy in the route 18 gate 2. If you are on diamond or pearl the only way is to catch one when it says on the TV that there is an outbreak of them at Lake Valor 3. On platinum there is a 10% chance of finding one in route 215.

What Pokemon can you not find in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in leaf green you cant find ekans, arbok, oddish, gloom, vileplume, psyduck, golduck, growlithe, arcanine, shellder, cloyster, scyther, and electobuzz but you can trade them from fire red.

What Pokemon does the 7th gym leader have in Pokemon firered?

Fire, so get out your Blastoise, Vaporeaon, Lapras, or Golduck.

How do you get Caterpie in Pokemon Sapphire?

go to the route with the aqua tower on your way to the flying gym

Where is the man and his house who gives you lickitung for a slowbro?

Town Separator House left of Fucchia City, at the end of the Biking Road. For all other this is all the in-game trades I know about in Leaf Green and Fire Red! Route 5 - Underground Path south of Cerulean City Little girl wants Nidoran-F you get Nidoran-M -- Vermilion City - House to the left of Poke Mart Little girls wants Spearow, you get Farfetch'd -- Route 2 - House south of Pewter City (Enter through Digglet's Cave or use CUT) Young Boy wants an Abra, you get Mr. Mime -- Route 11 - Town Separation House east of Vermilion City (second floor) Young Boy wants Nidorina, you get Nidorino -- Route 18 - End of Cycling Road, Town Separation House that goes to Fucchia City (second floor) Young Boy wants Golduck (Fire Red) or Slowbro (Leaf Green), you get Lickitung -- Cinnabar Island - Laboratory 1st Room Old Gentleman wants a Raichu (Leaf Green) Electabuzz (Fire Red), you get Electrode Young Female wants a Venonat, you get Tangela -- Cinnabar Island - Laboratory 3rd Room Young Man wants a Ponyta, you get a Seel

Where to find a golduck on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Golducks are the evolved form of Psyducks. Psyducks can not be caught in the wild on Leaf Green. They are found in the wild on Fire Red, so you need to get one by trading. It will evolve to a Golduck at level 32.

If I have a Vulpix in Pokemon pearl will it show up on route 209 like it does in Pokemon fire red?

yes you can. or yu could trade it from leafgreen.

How do you get fire stone in Pokemon Silver?

There is two ways I know. Firstly you can get it by showing a Growlithe to Bill's Grandpa in Cerulean. But first you need to show him a few pokemon before (Lickitung, Oddish, Staryu), then he will give you it. Another way is from a trainer on Route 36, who will call you and tell you he has something for you.