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defeat protosatrium to get it

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Q: How do you get a Chakram dagger from Valencia in aqws?
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What does the chakram dagger look like?

There is no such thing as a chakram dagger. A chakram is a circular sharpened weapon made in India and used by the Sihk warriors. A dagger is a knife. It's an oxymoron akin to saying "straight circle."

What is the chance of getting the chakram dagger in aqworlds?

the chakram dagger is found on sentry guard in the crash site its 80 percent

Were on adventure quest worlds do you get the Saturday daily quest item?

accept the quest from valencia in battleon. then go to world map and crash site, or type in /join dwakel. kill barrier sentry until you get rare unidentified dagger. bring it back to valencia to get the chakram dagger

What monster do you kill for the chakram dagger?

buy it

Where to get chakram dagger in AQWorlds?

u get it from any barrier bot in dwakel

Where do you find the Chakram dagger in AQW?

On Saturday, Log-in to AQWorlds and speak with Valencia in BattleOn. Take her quest(Saturday... Chakram Dagger!) [Note: you can only have a 20% Chance of drop, But you MUST accept the quest to have that chance.] Now, go to the crash site on your' Map. Go there.You are going to need friends. Fight the Protosarorium there till it* drops. ProtoSartorium=Dwakel Monster Equipable Drops: Oculus Monoculum(helm), Protosartorium(class), Machine Gun-Pack(cape),And the piton-Driven chopper, Chakram Dagger(if on quest) Quest Drops:Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons, Bumper Bolts, Protosartorium Parts, Rare unidentified Dagger(If on the Quest: Saturday...Chakram Dagger!) where is the crash site located in?

Is that for mem chakram dagger in AQW?

no its not its also dropped by barriar bot in aqw

Who drops the Chakram Dagger in AQW?

Best guess is barrier bot, sentry bot, or mithril man. Remember it's called rare unidentified dagger

Who was the chakram used by?

ice elves on dragon fable but you can get them by killing them and you can get it on aqw too by completing Valencia's quest

Where is the Chakram dagger dropped in AQW?

It is found in the crash site (those barrier bots) the brown like robot blocking the way to the bosses

How do you get the dagger of awe in adventure quest?

valencia has it when you complete the blade of awe you can switich it with the staff,dagger and blade of awe ps. have to be gardian or x gardian

Where can find in aq worlds chakram dagger?

go to the crash site on the map or type in /join crash site and then u go to the right and kill the boss hope it works!! :)