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find a Chancey, and then get it to max friendship and level it up

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Q: How do you get a Blissey on Pokemon platinum?
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Best 6 Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Personally, I like Togekiss, Snorlax, Blissey, Leafeon and others

What is Pokemon number 64 in Pokemon platinum?

Sinnoh Dex: Aipom

Where can you see a Blissey in Pokemon platinum?

you cant... you have to make chansey evolve with high friendship. you can find chansy on rout 209 in diamond, pearl, and platinum

What do you think of my Pokemon team on Pokemon platinum Gallade Electivire Infernape Whiscash Altaria and Blissey?

Wow... That's a really good team!

What type of Pokemon is Blissey?

Blissey is a Normal type pokemon.

What is a good Pokemon platinum under lv 60?

blissey. it has the highest hp in the game but not too good moves

Where do you find Blissey on Pokemon platinum?

You can get a happiny egg in narcene city. you need to evolve this

How Do You Capture Blissey In Pokemon Platinum?

You don't, you level up a Chansey while it's holding a soothebell to make it happy.

Blissey in Pokemon Pearl?

Blissey evolves from Chansey in Pokemon Pearl. Blissey is an all female pokemon species with no male counterpart. Chansey can be caught on route 209 and 210.

Where do you find rare candies in platinum?

You get by doing the maid challenge in the Pokemon masion when they toss out blissey use thief on it and you will get a rare candy

Can blissey have a happiny egg on Pokemon FireRed?

if you mean the egg that makes happiny evolve, no. happiny didnt exist when fire red came out. plus, its impossible to find a wild blissey in the wild. the only way to get it to hold the egg is to migrate it to Pokemon diamond,pearl,platinum,heart gold, or soul silver and then give it to blissey after you catch it in pal park.

Where do you get a happiny egg in Pokemon platinum?

Breed Chansey or Blissey with a Ditto and hatch a egg. Here are 2 easier ways Trade or get from a Hiker in hearthome City!