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You have to have your wii connected to wireless internet in you home then the wii shopping channel will load up. Its requires an internet connection

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Q: How do you get Wii Shop Channel to work?
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Where does Wii shop channel work?

You must be able to access wi-fi or the wii shop channel won't work.

How do you get flashplayer on Wii?

after you downloaded the free internet channel from wii shop channel, you can use it the flash player is pre-installed on the internet channel when it is updated, you can update the internet channel from wii shop channel and it will be work

Why can't I get Wii Shop Channel in my area?

All you have to do to access the Wii Shop Channel is by connecting the Wii to the internet.

Can you hack a Wii shop?

if you mean the wii shop channel no.

How do you get on Wii Shop Channel?

click on the channel icon on the main wii menu

Is Megaman 64 on Wii channel?

That's wii shop channel and no, it isn't.

Where to get Bejewelled 3 for Wii?

wii ware on the wii shop channel.

Do you get the Wii shop channel when you buy the Wii?

The wii shop channel is by default give to you when you purchase your Nintendo Wii :D You can even buy a browser to browse the net for free from the channel :D Hope this helps.

How do you go in Wii shop chanel?

Look for wii shop channel and press start.

Can you watch a film on the Wii?

Yes, there is a Netflix channel available for the Wii. You can download it from the Wii Shop Channel for free.

Is super smash brothers brawl on the Wii shop channel?

No, it only comes on a disc. You can't download it with the wii shop channel.

How do you download the Wii shop channel?

it should be on your wii auto