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if wifi means connect with other players than it aready has wifi

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Q: How do you get WiFi on your Nintendo DS lite?
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Does the Nintendo DS Lite have WiFi capabilities?

yes it does

Does every Nintendo ds lite come with wifi?

Every single ds, ds lite, dsi, and dsi XL comes with built in wifi. To get to it, you have to have a wifi compatible game, and there will be wifi settings somehwhere on the game. You have to edit the settings. But i cant help you there. :)

What is Nintendo WiFi and how do you use it?

Nintendo wifi is a feature only available with the Nintendo wii and Nintendo ds/ds lite/dsi. the basic idea is that you connect to the internet and play games. heres how to get connected: you need- a wireless router, a broadband high speed connection, a ds/ds lite/dsi, and a wifi game. once you have got all these things, simply set your wifi settings-should be an option in the game- and then get connected!

How do you get WiFi on your Nintendo ds?

for ds and ds lite get a game with wifi connection and select the wifi setup, then search for an access point on one of the three slots. You have to have wireless internet to do this, or the Nintendo wifi adapter, which is kinda crappy.

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on a Nintendo DS i?

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

How do you get wi-fi anywhere i want for Nintendo ds lite?

you have to go to a place with wifi like toysrus

Is a Nintendo DS better than a Nintendo DS Lite?

No, the lite is better.

When was Nintendo DS Lite created?

Nintendo DS Lite was created in 2006.

Where can you get a cheap Nintendo DS Lite?

You can find a cheap Nintendo DS Lite on Craiglist.

Is the lime green a DS or a DS lite?

It is a Nintendo Ds Lite

Can a Nintendo DS lite fit into a Nintendo DS case?

Yes, it can since the Nintendo DS lite is slightly smaller than the original DS