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after you beat the elite four just go to five island go to water labarith talk to old man make sure there is room in your party then you will get an egg inside will be togepi very cute if your a person that likes cute Pokemon get it and breed it with ditto to get more dudes and dudets

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Q: How do you get Togepi in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get Togepi out in egg on Pokemon FireRed?

he hatches

How do you get Togetic in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to have high frendship with togepi

How many times does a Togepi evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

It evolves once in FireRed into Togetic

Where can you get a Togepi on pokemon firered version?

no, but you can migrate it from other games

How do you capture Togepi in Pokemon sapphire?

Capturing Togepi is not possible in Sapphire. You will need to trade one from Firered, Leafgreen, or Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness.

How Togepi evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

You'll need to make it have High Happiness.

How do you catch a Togepi in Pokemon FireRed?

The man on the island in the east part on the water labyrinth will give you an egg that hatches into a togepi. Or you can snag togetic in Pokemon Colosseum and breed it on 4 island and hatch a togepi.

Togepi Pokemon FireRed?

At first, I thought there was no Togepi but I heard some rumors that it's in the Safari Zone or on one of the Sevii Islands.

When does Togepi evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

Whenever the togepi completely likes you it can evolve around level 20. TRICK: Use protein, iron, carbos, zinc, calcium to make togepi like you more.

What are the gift Pokemon on firered and Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Celadon City there is an Eevee, and at water labyrinth there is a togepi. There might be others, but i don't know.

How do you find Togepi in Pokemon FireRed?

There is a gentleman on five island in resort gorgeous that will give you an egg inside is togepi he can be found in the western part of resort gorgeous you must pass a few rocks to get to him you must show him a Pokemon that is loyal to you so he gives you the egg hatch it to get togepi.

Were do you get Togepi on Pokemon FireRed?

you can fined a lady some were who will trade a sandshrew for hers sorry but i cant reamember were but i will fined out and get back to this