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On a Thursday tune into "DJ Ben" on your pokégear and look around in tall grass. 50% of the time, you will find Sinnoh pokemone

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Q: How do you get Sinnoh sound on soul silver?
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What day does the Sinnoh sound play in soul silver?

The Sinnoh Sound radio station will be playing on Thursdays.

Where do you see combee in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find combee on some Sinnoh pokewalker routes, and in some places using Sinnoh sound.

How do you get to sinnoh on soul silver?

You have to have arceus to get to sinnoh but only once

How do you get to Sinnoh in soul silver?

you cant

How do you get to the Sinnoh region in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't go to the sinnoh region.

Where DPT is on soul silver Pokemon?

As far as I know, the Sinnoh region is not included in Soul Silver.

Is the Sinnoh confirmed in heart gold and soul silver?


Can you get to Sinnoh in soul silver?

No, only jhoto and kanto

Where is the sinnoh region in soul silver?

There is no sinnoh region in heartgold or soulsilver, it is only Johto and Kanto.

How do you get the starters from the Sinnoh region in soul silver?

you can't you have to trade

How do you battle Sinnoh gym leaders in soul silver?

You can't.

Where do you get the Sinnoh ledindaries in soul silver?

In the Sinjoh ruins of alph?