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Go to Florama Town and talk to a lady after you catch Shaymin. She will rub something on Shaymin's head, and it will become Sky Form. It will return to its normal form at sunset.

that helps i'v been trying to do that all year!

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Q: How do you get Shaymin to become Sky Form?
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Who is Shaymin Sky Forme?

Shaymin's sky form is a form that the Pokemon character Shaymin can take.

What is the new sky form of shaymin just called shaymin sky form?


Shaymin sky form?

You can get Shaymin in sky form only in Pokemon Platinum Version.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get shaymin in sky form?

You can't change Shaymin into Sky Form in Pokemon Diamond (that includes pearl). You can only change Shaymin into Sky Form in Pokemon Platinum (that includes Heart Gold and Soul Silver). You can get the Gracidea to change Shaymin into Sky Form.

How do you get shaymin in sky form on explorers of sky?

get a Gracidea in the shaymin village in a dungeon use the Gracidea on shaymin + shaymin is in sky form effect removes if your at the next floor and sky shaymin sky forme is on double speed in Pokemon diamond,pearl&platinuam you get an gracidea,go to the Pokemon league then,there!

Can you get sky form shaymin in diamond?

no you can't but when Pokemon platinum comes out on march 22nd sky form shaymin is on their

Does Shaymin evolve?

no but it has a sky form

Does shaymin have a sky form?


When does shaymin evolve?

There is no evolution. But you can change its form into a skaymin. (Sky Shaymin)

How do you get a shaymin sky form on Pokemon Platinum?

YesYou Can Get Shaymin Sky Form In Pokemon Platinum With A Cheat Code That Is A Special Flower.

How do you get regigigas sky form in platinum?

you can't but you can get shaymin in sky form not regigigas.

In Pokemon diamond how do you change shaymin from sky form to leaf form?

You can't. Shaymin Sky Forme is a post-Diamond and Pearl Exclusive.