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find emolga in the cove area

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Q: How do you get Psyduck on Pokepark 2?
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Who is Psyduck looking for PokePark 2 wonders beyond?

If you thought it was male frillish then I can't blame you. But he's looking for emolga.

When is Pokepark 2 coming out?

Pokepark 2 wonders beyond is coming out in february 27th

How do you get to level 2 in Pokepark?

there are no levels

Is Charizard on Pokepark 2?


When does Pokepark 2 come out?

In 2/27/12

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokepark 2?

In Pokepark 2 Wonders of Beyond your pokemon cannot evolve. It is saying the samethinh at the sign on Cove Town.

What Pokemon can breed with psyduck on ruby?

Psyduck can breed with psyduck, I think

Where Driflim from Pokepark 2 lives?

At the clouds

Can you do 2 players on pokepark 1?

no you can't

Does Pokepark 2 exisit on Wii?


How do you get 30 everflames in Pokepark 2?

look for them

How do you get Braviary on Pokepark 2?

You have to battle bastion