How do you get Nosepass In Diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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import from R/S/E/FR/LG

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Q: How do you get Nosepass In Diamond?
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Can you catch nosepass on diamond?

Nosepass is a swarm Pokemon on Pokemon diamond

When does dawns sister mention nosepass in diamond?

she will eventually mention nosepass but keep going to her and she'll say whether there are a nosepass. Just keep going to her until she says it about nosepass

What level does nosepass evolve in emerald?

Nosepass doesn't evolve in emerald only in diamond, pearl and platinum.

Where do you find a nosepass on pokemon diamond?

Nosepass is a Rock type Pokemon that evolves into Probopass if it is leveled up in certain places. Wild Nosepass can be caught on Route 206 in Pokemon Diamond while they are swarming.

When does evolve nosepass in Pokemon FireRed?

Nosepass will only evolve in diamond, pearl and platinum on top of mt coronet.

Where is Nosepass on Diamond?

You can find a Nosepass on Pokemon Diamond in one (or both--I can't remember) of the caves underneath the bridge between Oreburgh and Eterna City. You're welcome. --Sophie

What Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl does Nosepass evolve into?


Does nosepass evolve in sapphire?

no he does not.he evoles on diamond and pearl.

How do you get nosepass evolve?

On the Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire games; there is no evolution for Nosepass. It comes in the Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum games. Hope this helps.

How do you get Nosepass in Pokemond Diamond?

You find it by the bike pass if you use the pokeradar.

Where do you get Probopass in Emrald?

Level up your nosepass at mt Coronet and you'll get a probopass

How do you evolve a nosepass in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You need the evolution item, Coronet Rock.