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No i wish though

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Q: How do you get Naruto characters as sims?
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How o you get naruto characters 4 sims 3?

You Don't.

How do you make Naruto characters in Sims 2 for GameCube?


What dating sims are available that are set in the Naruto franchise?

"Naruto" dating sim franchise spans hundreds of episodes and many characters but the main three characters are called Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto himself who the game is named after.

How do you get Naruto characters in the Sims 3?

You can download him from a website such as ModTheSims2. Search for 'Sasuke' on ModTheSims2 and you will be able to download.

On the sims 2 ps2 how can you make your sims look like naruto characters?

i don't think it can be done on a ps2 game. but you can do it for PC because of downloads but not for PS2

When is sims 3 coming out to Walmart?

The Sims 3 game may come out a couple of years from 2009 because the new characters in the game are hard to make the characters are from a anime called Naruto and if you trade then you can get more anime characters if you like but i rather have Naruto because I'm obsessed but anyway give it a couple of years.Making stuff like that is very hard...

How do you get Naruto costumes on Sims2 for ps2?

that's impossible because naruto and the sims 2 are two separate games. Actually the first answer is stupid and what really should have been said is if you buy the sims 2 for the computer than you can go to and download the naruto characters but you cannot do that in the ps2 games

How do you get the characters in Naruto mini?

how do you get the characters in naruto mini

Where can you get the Naruto chracters in The Sims?

Go onto the sims 3 or 2 website and go onto exchange, then go on sims and type in the keywords Naruto there might be a naruto sim that someone has created,

Is there a Naruto Sims 3?

with downloads you can make naruto sims or sims for any other anime! the sims 3 website has items to download and modthesims2 . com has downloads for the sims 2 and 3

Where could you buy Naruto sims at?

Actually you don't "buy" naruto sims but u can download them on original sim.

Download Naruto costumes on the sims 2 ps2?

ja hacu skacac igru naruto sims 2