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You can either use Flash to make the cave brighter or , The way I did it was to walk around and try to remember which way you came from. It took me a few hours to be honest because the cave is so similar.

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Q: How do you get Mira out of the cave with you?
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Where is mira in wayward cave?

mira is in the big sqare section towards the top of wayward cave.

Where is mira in Pokemon platinum?

You save mira in the Wayard cave on the the entrance you can see so on the right of the cycling road

What item does mira give you in wayward cave?

Nothing. She is soooooo ungrateful!

How do you get through wayard cave in Pokemon?

first you have to find mira then go to where you came in

In Pokemon platinum where do you find Mira in wayward cave?

mira is at the full end of the wayve yard cave standing to help her get out of the cave but make sure you have a Pokemon that know the move flash because it's dark she'll give you some thing i think than she will thank you for that you helpt her

How do you get rid of trainer Mira on pokemon platinum?

What you have to do is walk if you have cheats, walk into any water and then hold select and the A button and mira will disappear... if you don't have cheats then you have to walk in a cave and when you fight a battle at the end of the battle hold select and the A button and mira will then disappear

What happens after you get Mira out of wayward cave?

I have heard somewhere that after you have rescued her, she will assist you in the double battles in the Battle Tower.

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