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you can't,but if you have an emulator on your computer and download toads tool 64

and on toads tool 64 go to edit textures and find a sign that says l is real and go to mario's size and type on the number size L Is Real and here you you can play as luigi but the proplem is when he loses or take off caps,his head turns big.

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Q: How do you get Luigi in Mario 64 N64?
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Is luigi on sm64?

might be Nintendo might be lying about luigi in super Mario 64 for n64 REALLY WHO KNOWS? might be Nintendo might be lying about luigi in super Mario 64 for n64 REALLY WHO KNOWS? people say thay know but only god knows

Can You Be Any Other Person On Super Mario 64?

No, You Can Only Play As Mario in N64, However, You Can Play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario On Super Mario 64 DS!

Can you be luigi in n64 super Mario 64 without gamesharkcoad?

NO the plaque is a hint to the existence of super smash bros 64

Was luigi ever in super Mario 64 for n64?

video gamers say that the mansion in sm64 is not luigi's mansion but it actually is.

How do you play as luigi in Super Mario 64?

You can’t play as luigi in Super Mario 64! Because he is not in the game

What paper Mario game is more the N64?

Paper Mario 64.

Can you unlock luigi in Mario 64?

You can do it on the DS version. On the N64 version,the statue says"L is Real 2401". You have to run around the fountain for one minute if Luigi is an unlockable character. That's why the answer is Yes.

How do you rescue Luigi in Super Mario 64?

There's no such thing as Luigi in Super Mario 64

In Mario 64 Where are the flowers on the pedestals?

You partially answered your own question there. In Super Mario 64 DS (not the original N64 game), Luigi will notice flowers in the mirror room after the ? switch is activated. By using one he will be able to pass through the mirror.

How do you get luigi in SM64?

You can not unlock Luigi in super Mario 64 without hacks, but he is playable in super Mario 64 DS

Is luigi in Mario 64?

No, luigi is not in SM64. You can only be him by hacking.

How do you get Luigi on Mario party 64?

There is no Mario Party 64, just Mario Party 1, 2, & 3. Luigi is playable in the very beginning in all Mario Party games.