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hack like a noob

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Q: How do you get Lugia in Pokemon Blue?
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Does Lugia appear in all Pokemon games?

No,but you can get a lugia to all Pokemon games except red, blue, and yellow.

What floor is lugia on in Pokemon mystery blue?


Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

Lugia is in silver trench 99f size four ****

What Pokemon is at the end of the silver trench in blue rescue team?


How do you get Lugia in the blue version?

Lugia is the Water and Psychic type legendary Pokemon used as the mascot for Pokemon Silver. Because it wasn't introduced until the second generation, it cannot be found in Pokemon Blue. Lugia can however be caught in the remakes, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, if the player attends an official Nintendo event.

How do you get Lugia in Pokemon Ranger gardians signs?

You have to capture all 300 Pokemon then talk to Rand and he will give you a mission about Lugia. Blue eyes is there and she needs your help in the Undersea Cavern. There you will see and catch Lugia, then it will give you its Ranger Sign.

How do you get the blue orb on Pokemon Soul Silver?

unlike lugia and ho-oh you have to trade

What is the rank after platinum in Pokemon Blue?

it is the lugia rank it needs 7500 rank points

Can you get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow?

No, you cannot get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow.

What is shadow lugia?

Shadow Lugia is a fake pokemon. You can not obtain a Shadow Lugia in any Pokemon Game (so far). Shadow Lugia is just another rumor pokemon.

Where do you get dark lugia?

You can't get Dark Lugia in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal. You can get Dark Lugia in Pokemon XD though. For Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal it is just the regular Lugia.

Where is lugia in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

Floor 99f in silver trench. High recruitment rate.