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Q: How do you get Legend King trophy in New Little Kings Story?
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Can you name villagers on Little kings story?

Sadly, you can't.

What are cheat codes for WWE smackdown vs raw 2006?

Unlock Jake The Snake No-PSP Method Complete the first year of general manager mode, draft Jake the Snake Roberts in the second year as one of your three picks. He will then be unlocked in the game, without the need for a PSP or a costly cheat device. (Unverified) Unlock WWE Legends Almost all the WWE legends may be purchased in the in-game shop. However, Jake The Snake Roberts can only be unlocked (and purchased) if you have a PSP copy of WWE Smackdown 2006. Use a USB-USB cable to connect your PSP to your PS2 and Jake The Snake will appear in the shop. Unlockable CollectA Diva Trophy Unlock both Torrie Wilson's and Trish Stratus' contracts in the Season Mode. Locate Trish in a Ladder Match with Eugene vs. Edge and Christian. Locate Torrie in the Ironman Match vs JBL. Unlockable XP Through The Nose Clear the RAW and Smackdown story modes in Season Mode (this will require two different WWE Superstars, like Eddie Guerrero and John Cena). Upon the clearing of the second season, you'll receive a message to confirm that you completed it. The points can even be used for create a characters that you made already. Unlockable Trophy List Tough Enough Trophy ... Win 10 matches with a custom wrestler.Match Veteran Trophy ... Play each type of match in exhibition.100 Wins Trophy ... Accrue 100 wins.Amateur Challenge Trophy ... Clear all Amateur Level challenges.Rising Star Trophy ... Clear all Rising Star challenges.WWE Superstar Trophy ... Clear all WWE Superstar challenges.WWE Legend Trophy ... Clear all WWE Legend challenges.WWE Challenge Trophy ... Clear all of the pre-set challenges.Legend Killer Trophy ... Rank first in the Legend Battle Royale (season mode).Undertaker's Urn Trophy ... Beat The Undertaker in the Buried Alive match (season mode).Royal Rumble Trophy ... Rank first in the Royal Rumble (season mode).Elimination Chamber Trophy ... Clear the elimination chamber match on legend difficulty.Bar Room Brawl Trophy ... Succesfully win the Bar Room Brawl (season mode).

Who are the antagonists in the story The Little Prince?

the thirst of his of his answer.

Where do you find Jigglypuff in platinum?

you have to go to the old rich guy's mansion and go to his trophy garden, after talking to him a couple of times, he will tell you a story about how an igglybuff ran up to him in his trophy garden, from there, he'll send out his butler who denies that it isn't there (probably the trigger to putting some in there, lol) but then go to the trophy garden and run around and you'll find one or two, then keep it happy, dont let it die, put a soothe bell on it, etc. it will eventually evolve into jigglypuff

How do you unlock levels in Yoshi's story?

so you wanna know how to unlock levels on yoshi"s story well just find little goild keys.

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