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in the ice cave
beat Clair in blackthorn cityto use it to find it go to the ice cave and a guy will ask to retrive his lost item it will be waterfall he will then give it to you
Once you are trying to get the 8th gym badge ,and are in the ice caves, there will be a man who says he lost something on the ice. Get back the pokeball and it will contain waterfall. He will be so happy that he will give it to you.

Ice Path

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Q: How do you get HM waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where do you get the HM move Waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the Ice path, there is a guy. there is a pokeball with the HM waterfall below him get it, and he lets you keep it

Can you use the HM move Waterfall in Lugias Hideout in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?


How do you get through seafom islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

You need the HM Waterfall and teach it to a water Pokemon

What hm moves will your Pokemon need to know to get to the elite four on Pokemon heartgold?

They need HM 04 Strength Surf and waterfall

Where do you get the HM move Waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold ice path?

you will find it on the ground but there is an ice puzzle to get it.

What do you do after getting the hm waterfall?

you get the hm waterfall and then teach it to a Pokemon then if you have pearl dimondor platinum you go to mt cornet but for soulsilver and heartgold you go to mt mortor ,mt silver.

Where do you get waterfall in heart gold?

In HeartGold, you can find the HM Waterfall in the Ice Cave.

How do you get HM waterfall in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get the HM waterfall in the same cave you get Kyogre

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

you use waterfall at the Pokemon waterfall or the battlefield.

Where can you get the HM Waterfall in Pokemon Black?

You get HM Waterfall at the end of Route 18 on the strip of grass in Pokemon Black.

Do you need the HM waterfall to get Dialga in Pokemon diamond?

you do need hm waterfall for mt. conet.There's a waterfall in mt.conet

How do you get behind the waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

U don't go through the waterfall, u go over the waterfall. The goal is to have the HM waterfall. This HM allows ur Pokemon to climb the waterfall.