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You get it from Steven in Mossdeep city.

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Q: How do you get HM Dive in the Emerald Version?
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On emerald version where do you get the HM dive?

You get it in Mossdeep City. Hope I helped :)

Where do you get the hm dive in emerald version?

In Mossdeep City, Steven will give it to you.

What place will you beat may to get hm dive in Pokemon emerald?

You get Dive from steven not may.

Where is dive in pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get HM Dive in Pokémon LeafGreen.Since Dive is not an HM in leafgreen the only way to get one of your Pokemon to learn Dive is to trade it to ruby, sapphire or emerald then teach it Dive using the HM then trade it back to leafgreen.

What number is the hm on Pokemon Emerald is dive?

Hidden Move 8.

Where do you get the HM dive on ruby version?

Steven will give it to you

Where do you get the HM dive in Pokemon FireRed?

there's no hm dive in that means you can't find it.but you can find it in Pokemon ruby,sapphire,emerald and more.

Where do you get the HM dive?

in Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, you can get it in Steven house locate in north west of the pokemon center in Mossdeep city. For other version, i don't think you can

Where do you find all the dive HM in Pokemon diamond version?

there is no dive HM in DP but the water related ones are surf and waterfall

How do you get through the rocks in the of the sea floor cavern in emerald?

use the hm dive

How do you obtain the HM Dive in Pokemon Emerald?

after defeating the 7th gym leader

How do you catch dive from FireRed?

You can't get dive in fire red, however it is HM 8 in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.