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HM07 is waterfall and you get it by talking to the girl that's at the north part in sunyshore city on the sand.Her name is jasmine and she gives you waterfall but to use it you need to beat the electric gym in sunyshore city.

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Q: How do you get HM7 in POKeMON pearl?
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What is HM7 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Hm7 is waterfall, sorry im not sure where i found it though. :-)

What is the HM7 in Pokemon ruby?

HM7 contains the move Waterfall.

Where is the best place to train to lvl 50 on Pokemon Pearl?

In the lake in Sunyshore City where Jasmine gives you hm7 waterfall.

What is hm7 on Pokemon FireRed?


Where is Hm7 in Pokemon platinum?

Sunnyshore City.Defeat Volkner first...

Where you can get the HM7 in Pokemon ruby version?

hm7 waterfall is in the cave of orgin, sootopolis city, you have to go to the magma lair otherwise they won't let you in

How do you get hm7 on Pokemon Emerald?

It's in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis city.

What are the top five HMS in Pokemon?

hm1 hm7 hm2 hm3 and hm5

Where to find HM7 in Pokemon ruby version?

In Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald versions, HM7 contains the move waterfall. You can find the HM in the Cave of Origin.

What TM no is the move fly in Pokemon soul silver?

I believe it is either HM6 or HM7.

Where to find hm7 in Pokemon Gold?

It's in the ice path that leads to Blackthorn City.

Which HM allows you to scale the waterfall in front of the Victory Road in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You need HM7 Waterfall. This is a water-type move. To find it, go to the beach just before route 223 and talk to the girl there.