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To attract Moshlings you need to plant three seeds in your garden. You buy seeds from the stand on Main Street or at the Port. Each Moshling has a different combination so you need to work out the correct combination to attract the Moshling that you want. Keep planting seeds until you work it out!

053 Fumble the Acrobatic Sea Star [Fishie] any Star Blossom, Yellow Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berries

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Q: How do you get Fumble the star fish moshling on moshi monsters?
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What fumble looks like in moshi monsters?

he looks like a star fish

Is Blurp a rare moshling on moshi monsters?

Blurp the Batty Bubble Fish is an Uncommon Moshling.

What number is Blurp the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Blurp the Batty Bubble Fish is moshling number 43.

Who is femble?

there is no moshling called femble you may be thinking of fumble the star fish

How do you catch Blurp the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

043 Blurp the Batty Bubble Fish [Fishie] any Moon Orchid, Pink Love Berries, any Love Berries

How do you get the talking fish on Moshi Monsters?

You can get the Goggle Eyed Wall Trout at Horrod's on Sludge Street in Moshi Monsters.

What are the names of the moshi monster fishies?

The names of moshi monster fishies are cali a mermaid, Stanley a seahorse, Fumble a seastar, and blurb a puffer fish!

How do you get the singing fish on moshi monsters?

You have to be a member to buy the singing fish. You get it from Horrods.

How do you get the Moshi Monsters fish tank on the wall?

A code was released in December of 2013 for the Moshi Monsters Aquarium. The code is 10FISHIES and still works as of September 2014.

Where is the Hook in Moshi Monsters Secret Mission 2?

its on the fish in spa 1

How do you get the hook off of the fish in moshi monsters mission?

Use the broken tiki torch

How do you get the singing fish on moshi monsters that slaps itself back on the wood?

i think u get it from horrods