How do you get Empoleon in emerald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sorry you cant

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Q: How do you get Empoleon in emerald?
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How do you make the battle with your dad available on Pokemon emerald?

of course after you get empoleon in emerald

Why is Empoleon called Empoleon?

they named it that

Who is better torterra or empoleon?

Empoleon is way better. It is so fun to have a Empoleon on your team because these Pokemon are super proud and strong. The key to winning using Empoleon is to befreind it. I beat six gym leaders only using one Empoleon!!!! Go Empoleon!!!!:)

Which Pokemon is better Empoleon or Tentacruel?

In my opinion, Empoleon is better.

Can you breed Ditto with a empoleon?

yes ditto can breed with empoleon

Who is stronger Blaziken level 36 or Empoleon level 36?

Empoleon would win the battle but who is stronger probably empoleon.

Which Pokemon are strong against Empoleon?

Since Empoleon is a Water and Steel type Pokemon. So Fire, Fighting, Ground Pokemons are effective when battling Empoleon.

How much can a Empoleon Pokemon card can you get?

You a can a card got get 4 empoleon in.

What Pokemon will empoleon have an egg with in Pokemon pearl?

Ditto or another Empoleon.

Who have an empoleon in Pokemon TV show?

Barry has an Empoleon in the TV Show.

How do you catch empoleon?

You don't, you have to evolve it from a starter piplup to a prinplup to an empoleon.

Where can you see an empoleon in Pokemon diamond?

The answer is you can't. The only way you can see Empoleon is to choose Piplup at the beginning of the game and evolve him into Empoleon. pokemonmaster98