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On Wednesday mornings (before 10:00 a.m.), you can talk to his wife, who will give you his phone number.

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Q: How do you get Chuck's phone number on HeartGold?
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How do you get chucks phone number in Pokemon heartgold?

you have to battle him and if it doesn't work you are never going to get his phone numberAfter battling Chuck and winning, talk to his wife. She will give you his phone number.

Can you get reds phone number in pokemon heartgold?


How can you beat Pyrce in Pokemon HeartGold?

yes and you can get his phone number and battle him more check youtube for how to get his number

How do you get lances phone number on Pokemon heartgold?

You have to battle lance many times; then he should give you his phone number. I think it's five times IN A ROW.

Where is the emmbedded tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to where chucks gym is head to the safari cave go down and surf till u find it

Do you have to wait seven days to get blue's phone number on Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

You must speak to daisy,his sister after getting 7 groomings from her to get blues phone number

How do you get rematch with jasmine in HeartGold?

Get her phone number registered in pokemon then ring her if you would want to battle her again

How do you get brock's phone number in heartgold?

In the late afternoon or evening (about 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) on Saturdays, Brock will be in the Diglett Cave. Visit him in that time in the Diglett Cave to get his phone number.

How do you get Jasmins phone number on Pokemon soul silver?

u talk to jasmine where ever she is and battle her (WIN) and get her number same goes to Heartgold

Where do you get Jasmine's Phone Number in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, you get Jasmine's Phone Number by going into the café in Olivine City any day between 1 PM and 2 PM. Talk to her there and she'll add her number to your Pokégear.You can get her number by going to Olivine City diner any day between 13:00-14:00

Where to battle brock in HeartGold?

In the Pewter City gym, then once you get his phone number you can re-battle him in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron

How do you get bugseys phone number in Pokemon HeartGold?

you go to the the garden close to the pokeleathon an go to the fountain and there you will see bugsy taik to him