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theres no real way you just keep punting until you get 100 yards

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Q: How do you get 100 yards in the punt twilly game on aq worlds?
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How do you score 100 yards in aqworlds punt twilly?

The yards that you punt Twilly is random. Just keep on punting until you reach 100 yards.

How can you punt twilly 100 yards in adventure quest world?

It is a matter of stubbornness and luck, just keep punting Twilly and eventually Twilly will fly 100 yards.

How do you get 100 yards in punt in AQW?

Keep kicking Twilly until you get 100.

How do you punt twilly in aqw?

U go to '/join punt' and you go to twilly and it sez "PUNT" or PUNT "TWILLY" i dont remember and u just click on it

Where they ask for password in dragonfable?

...If you mean the password for the punt twilly game, then talk to twilly and chose game prizes. BTW the code is: KTHXHAT! You need the exclamation point (!).

How do you punt twilly far?

You just have to be good at the game. And you should focus on collecting the items not just on distance

Were do you go to punt twilly on aqw?

you don't ever do that yes you do

When does the twilly punt shop open in aq worlds?

it openes every super bowl half time.You can buy team helms and team unifroms.And other items.

Where can you found moglin punter in aqw?

write in talking bar /join punt, yes but now in 2011 and up you can't they wont allow you to type /join punt to get there and there is no other way to get there.

AQW-How do you get 100 Points?

On punt? keep kicking Twilly until you get 100. LOL!

How do you make twilly go farther at punt in aqw?

You can't, since the distance is completely random.

Where do you punt a Moglin in adventure quest worlds?

Type /join punt