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You cannot fuse 3 Red-Eyes. However, if you have a Red-Eyes on your field and a Red-Eyes Darkness in your hand, you can summon that instead by tributing the Red-Eyes on your field. Each Red-Eyes Darkness gets +300 attack for each dragon-type monster in your graveyard. It starts out with the same attack/defense of a regular Red-Eyes, but if you run a dragon deck and you have 10 monsters in your graveyard (including the Red-Eyes you have to sacrifice to summon it), then you have a monster with more than 5000 attack, which could beat a Blue Eyes Ultimate, and it requires no fusion.

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Q: How do you fuse 3 red eyes black dragons?
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Does pikachu have brown eyes or red eyes?

he has black eyes

Which is better for a dragon deck Blue Eye White Dragon or Red Eyes Black Dragons and why?

Well it all depends on what you feel is best. Blue Eyes White Dragon is good for beat-down and simultaneous fusion summons of both F.G.D. and Blue Eyes Ultimate dragon, pretty much beat-down itself. Red Eyes Black Dragons are more complicated, because it depends on which Red Eye compilations you are using or generally like. A different approach from this is Blue Eyes White Dragon is a better card if you want to compare it to the normal Red Eyes Black Dragon. Blue Eyes White Dragon is searchable with White Stone of Legend. Combined this with Card of Consance which discards a dragon tuner, (the White Stone of Legend), you get to draw 2 cards. And now with Trade-in (Level 8), you can discard that Blue Eyes White Dragon for another 2 cards. The normal Red Eyes Black Dragon is not worth playing anymore. If you want to have a good dragon deck with a good drawing engine, use Blue Eyes White Dragon, and The White Stone of Legend.

How many different Red-Eyes monsters are there in YuGiOh?

There are eight different "Red-Eyes" Monsters. Here is a list of them:"Red-Eyes B. Dragon""Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon""Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon""Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Red-Eyes B. Chick""Red-Eyes Wvyern""Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon""B. Skull Dragon" (Summoned Skull & 'Red-Eyes')

What happens if you polymerize blue eyes white dragon with red eyes black dragon?

There are no such fusion card which Blue Eyes White Dragon + Red Eyes Black Dragon. So if you have both in your hand, Polymerization will not activate.

Who do you prefer Blue Eyes White Dragon or Red Eyes Black Dragon?

Blue eyes white dragon. Here's why 1. Blue eyes white dragon has a better fusion, which is blue eyes ultimate dragon, and then, blue eyes ultimate dragon has another fusion with black luster soldier to make the 5000+ATK/DEF. All red eyes black dragon has is to fuse with summoned skull and make B. Skull Dragon with 3200 ATK and 2500 DEF, in addition to Meteor B. Dragon, which also is not as powerful as blue eyes ultimate dragon. 2. The two both require two tributes, but blue eyes white dragon has 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF; Red Eyes B. Dragon only has 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF. Neither have an effect, which makes Blue Eyes White Dragon better in attack and defense. There is one thing that makes red eyes black dragon unique red eyes black dragon has many relatives: red eyes metal dragon red eyes zombie dragon red eyes b. chick red eyes darkness metal dragon B. Skull Dragon Meteor B. Dragon Blue eyes white dragon has: Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Dragon Master Knight Blue Eyes Shining Dragon Blue Eyed Silver Zombie Blue Eyes Toon Dragon This is my opinion.

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Is there only a couple of red eyes b. dragons?


Can Bahamut defeat Red Eyes Black Dragon?

yes because bahamut, is the king of dragons, and have different states. Red Eyes B. Dragon, is a basic ferocious dragon with red eyes and a black reptilian body

What color is dragons eyes?

ANSWER:His eyes are RED!PROOF #1The name is "Red eyes black dragon"PROOF #2Yu-Gi-Oh is a stoner game

Can you fuse red eyes black dragon with blue eyes white dragon?

no I'm sorry but no

What monster fuses with Blackland Fire Dragon to form Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yugioh?

Red-eyes black dragon is not a fusion card. there is no other card, that i know of, that can fuse with blackland fire dragon to make a fusion card. red-eyes black dragon is a normal monster.

What color eyes do komodo dragon have?

Usually dragons have black eyes like every other creature, but otherwise they are usually red or blue. Mostly they are the same colour as the scales.

Can you play Red Eyes Darkness Dragon from your deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards having Red Eyes Black Dragon on the field?

You can only summon it from your hand, not your deck. at some point you can special summon it from the graveyard or from the deck by effects of magic or trap cards. -shar0414- you can also special summon any dragon except for red eyes darkness metal dragon when you have red eyes darkness metal dragon on the filed. Dear asker..... i would suggest by-passing red eyes black dragon and go for "Red Eye's Darkness Metal Dragon" With him u do not need REBD.And he can summon Dragons from your "had or "graveyard" that dont have the same name. ..Montage of dragons...

What are good cards to have in a Red Eyes Black Dragon deck?

Red Eyes Black Chick Inferno Fire Blast Red Eyes Darkness Dragon Metalmorph Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Monster Reborn Decoy Dragon

Does pikachu have brown eyes or red eyes?

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Can black eyes see in the dark?

red eyes can

What are the black and red wires on angel eyes?

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Do you have to have red eyes black chick in yu gi oh to put down red eyes black dragon?

Of course not. Red-Eyes Black Chick offers a slightly easier way to get a Red-Eyes Black Dragon in play. However, Red-Eyes Black Dragon is still a Normal Lv7 monster and as such can be tribute summoned by offering two monsters as tribute as normal, or any other method such as discard/revival with Monster Reborn.