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You need to portforward

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Q: How do you fix your Minecraft server I have been running my server with no problems for about a week but now when I start up the server you can't connect through the IP only through local host?
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Can i connect to lan worlds in minecraft 1.5.1 when your in totally different states?

No. The way LAN connections work is: Minecraft searches your network (what all computers in your home are connected to) for games to join. Through LAN connections you can't connect to anything outside of your network.

How can you go on Minecraft for free with no computer viruses?

You could try running minecraft through a torrent, and getting an aggressive internet security system. However, your best bet would be to do the legal thing, and pay for your minecraft.

How do you join games on minecraft full version?

To join a minecraft sever, click 'Muliplayer'. Then 'Add server' Give it a name. Then enter the IP ! Note: Direct connect is for simply joinning a server without adding a name and its IP to your list. The IP is remembered for the laster server you visited through direct connect when you exit Minecraft.

Why is Minecraft see through?

Minecraft is not see through?

Ive bought and downloaded minecraft and i can run the launcher but when i try to log in it says cant connect to the internet in red lettering.?

This happens if the minecraft launcher can't get access to the minecraft servers. If you play the game from the website first, then you will get access to an offline version through the launcher

Why do you keep getting this error Warning mysql connect function mysql-connect Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 'tmpmysql sock' 2 in mntsdbwww2smut360 comhtdocsincc?

Make sure that the MySQL server is running.

How do you get through a Minecraft border plugin?

Up Date Your Minecraft

Where do you buy a Minecraft PC?

Minecraft is bought through paying for a premium account on the Minecraft website.

Is minecraft on a disk for playstation3?

No but minecraft is available through the PlayStation store

Is Minecraft a retail game?

Minecraft is not a retail game. It is only available to be downloaded through or played on the Minecraft website.

How do you connect two PCs running Windows 7 for gaming?

List of different ways to connect two Windows 7 computers in preferred order for Gaming:Cable through Router. (online or not)WiFi through router. (online or not)Cable through Switch.Crossed Cable. (see related link)It's not advised to try Blue-tooth or DLNA for gaming.

How do you get through the Minecraft Border Plugin?