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you have to talk to someone

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Q: How do you fix the glitch in Pokemon pearl when fight area freezes when ever you go there?
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What is the best glitch on Pokemon pearl?

none of them

What Pokemon can you get through a glitch in Pokemon Pearl?

Shaymin and Darkrai. Search for pearl tweaking glitch on youtube.

What is the tweaking glitch in pearl?

the tweaking glitch means one of your Pokemon is poisoned

Is there really a Pokemon called prune in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

no that is a glitch such as mew3-6

How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon pearl without action replay?

Glitch for it! On Google type in: Tweaking glitch for Pokemon Platinum. find out how to do it and then Type in: How to get darkrai using the tweaking glitch on platinum.

How do you find missing no on Pokemon pearl?

there is no missingo in diamond or pearl as these games were made to be free of that glitch

Which GBA Game is better for migrating to Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon emerald because of the cloning glitch

Can you migrate a glitch Pokemon to diamond or pearl?

no but you can glich a pokemon in the gba pokemon game then migrate that pokemon and it wil make the game frezz

Is there a cloning glitch in Pokemon pearl that doesnt use the gts?

use an action replay

Can a Pokemon go passed lv 100 on pearl?

No-- but I think you can use the Action Replay, or there might be a glitch that can make you Pokemon over lvl. 100. In the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, a glitch (called the ZZAZZ glitch) will make your Pokemon lvl. 153.

How do you get out of tweak glitch in Pokemon pearl?

You enter a menu option ( pokemon, pokedex, your name,options) and go back. the game should load back to normal. -usyflad10that not a glitch idiot

How do you fight your mom on Pokemon pearl?

You cannot.