How do you fix a scratched game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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get a soft cloth some CD cleaner and a CD rotater the clean it

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Q: How do you fix a scratched game?
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How do you fix game disc with home appliances?

You don't fix a game disc that is scratched you replace it

How can i fix a video game that doesn't work?

might be scratched or broken or dusty if broken or scratched it dead.

Do game stop fix a scratch disk?

*Does GameStop fix a scratched disk? No. But if you bought a game from GameStop you can return it and get a replacement for free.

How do you fix a scrached Xbox disc?

Bring it to your local game store and ask if they fix scratched disks.

How do you fix a scratched video game CD?

just put ur bum on it

Does using tooth paste to fix a scratched game really work?

tooth paste? are you kidding? you cant fix a game with tooth paste

How do you fix fully scratched ps2 game?

You replace it with a new game or you purchase another used game disc

Can elmers stick glue fix a scratched video game?

no you will mess it up even more

How do you fix a scratched game to work?

put some chapsticks or vaseline on it and wipe it with a SOFT CLOTH

How do you fix a scratched wii game?

put it in the freezer for 30 seconds then wipe it with a soft cloth

How do you fix a scratched ps2 game without toothpaste?

you go to your local game rental store and u rent the game that u want to fix and replace it with the messed up game and take that game back

Scratched Xbox 360 game?

To fix a scratched disk is to either use a disk cleaner or toothpaste, yes toothpaste. look it up google is your friend