How do you fish on Pokemon ruby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go near some water and select the fishing rod out of your bag. You could press select so that you register it, and that you dont need to keep going back to your bag.

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Q: How do you fish on Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you find the Pokemon starme on Pokemon ruby?

In the waters of Lilycove. (You have to fish. No surfing.)

Do you fish or surf for carvanha in Pokemon ruby?

U fish on route 118 and 119

Where do you catch gyrados in Pokemon ruby?

You have to fish at Sootopolis City.

Where is the best place to fish in Pokemon ruby?

Rainy places

Is a mudkip a fish?

Yes, Mudkip is a fictional fish in the Pokemon games. Mudkip is known as "Mud Fish", and first appeared in the game 'Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire'.

Where do you find Magikarp in pokemon ruby?

Just about anywhere you can fish or surf.

Where is Magikarp in Pokemon Ruby?

You can catch Magikarp in any body of water in Pokemon ruby. It is very common and you only need to fish with an old or good rod.

Can you find any Pokemon when you fish for it Pokemon ruby?

No, there's different Pokemon at different places using different rods.

How do you find staryu in Pokemon ruby?

Fish with good rod in lilycove city.

How do you get strayu on Pokemon Ruby?

In order to get a staryu on Pokemon ruby version you have to fish using a super rod on the coast of lillycove. just keep fishing and you will find one.

Where are the luvsdic Pokemon located?

right before you get to the Pokemon league on safire, ruby, or emerald you surf or fish and you will get one

Where are rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Groudon is rare and you get him just by following the story line. The only other "rare" Pokemon I'm aware of in Ruby would be Relicanth, a rock/water type fish Pokemon that can be found underwater.