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the first thing you do is go to the computer and type this: C36926510QT4420 .

this is the password to the cumputer. click on safemode then go to safemode02.

then click on "yes".

go to the locked cabinet and click the combination: 1225.

get the zissors then cut the yellow wire. go back to the yellow cabinet click on it. and search on the bottom even below the cross under the cabinet there is a red screwdriver hiddin. then go back to the "room" and on the side of the yellow cabinet coner. lies a hidden key. then go to the calender click on the botton right for the pages to move until the pages run out. unscrew the screw on the small box then grab the lighter. use the lighter to set off the fire alarm on the top of the "room" and just wait pasiently. they come to the rescue. have fun dying. nah just kidding i died tomany times to figure this out soo give me some break me and my bro. enjoy your life.

ps. dont drink the pill.

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Q: How do you finish roomscape the escaping game?
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