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snipe the guard at straight outside the truck.u'll see some green boxes. use them to go out the fence. go right on a tower kill him take draganov.use stairs and roof to get in the fence.go right to the 1st house kill guard and camera.go down and right kill 3 guards and take all ur things from garage.go to ob 4 area place proxymitymine and run to objective 5 area.after completing ob 5 go to burnt helicopter and the mission is completed.

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Q: How do you finish 8 level in project igi 1?
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This Is A Cheat Code For Unlimited Ammo Go To The IGI Installed Folder , There Will Be An Application Called "IGI". Right Click On It And Send To > Desktop(create shortcut). Go To Desktop . There will Be An Application Called "IGI-Shortcut". Right Click On It And Click Properties. In The Properties Dialog Box There Will Be A Place Called "Target". Click On the box And At Last After The " Symbol Leave Space And Type unlimitedammo Without Space And Click Ok. Now Double Click The IGI-Shortcut And If U go inside the Game U will Have Unlimited Ammo For All The Guns U Get. Really It Works! If Not Tell To

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