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Go to the Inner Inn and then go upstairs and go to the orange crate, go to the side and press A. Then you will find the Sprite and be able to buy records and if you buy 5 records at the sprite tree you will then find one of the TV sprites.

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Q: How do you find the sprite with the colourful hat in harvest moon ds cute?
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Where do you find Allan the harvest sprite?

There isn't a sprite named Allan in Harvest Moon DS or Harvest Moon DS Cute.

How do you get past the harvest sprite blocking the road on harvest moon ds cute?

You have to find all of the harvest sprites

How do you get a bell pepper in harvest moon ds cute?

Bell Peppers grow in Fall. You can buy Bell Pepper Seeds from the Sprite Casino. That unlocks once you find the Harvest Sprite named Roller. The Sprite Casino is in the Sprite Tree House.

How do you find the baby harvest sprite in harvest moon ds cute?

The way you find the Baby Harvest Sprite in Harvest Moon D.S. is by tapping or pressing the 'a' botton while facing the BIG pot in the Harvest Moon Cashion. P.S. YOU CAN NOT GET THIS SPRITE IF YOU HAVEN'T RESCUED THE HARVEST GODDESS YET. SO THIS SPRITE CAN NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE 60 YOU NEED TO GET MARRIED.

Where do you find harvest sprite in harvest moon?

You can got to the site in "Related Links" to see how to unlock each Harvest Sprite.

Where do you find a cooking pot in Harvest Moon DS cute?

You have to buy something from Karen's everyday for 10 days then you get channel 2 on the harvest sprite show, and you buy it from channel 2.

Where is the harvest goddess on harvest moon ds cute?

You will not be able to meet her until you rescue 60 Harvest Sprites. After that you can find her by tossing an offering into the Goddess Pond. The Goddess Pond is the small pond by the Sprite Tree House.

How do you find the the harvest sprite tree on harvest moon ds?

go to the map

What is the big pot for in the sprites company tree in harvest moon ds?

once you have rescued 60 sprites the Harvest Goddess will return after she has come back press A in front of the pot and you will find a baby Harvest Sprite (he is white and really cute!)

Where can you find cabbage seeds and what season do you grow them in on harvest moon ds?

at the harvest sprite casino. in the spring

How do you buy records on harvest moon cute?

You buy them from 'Jet' at the Harvest Sprite Tree. If you have not yet unlocked(returned) him, you find him by going to the Inner Inn's top floor and standing above the Orange Crate (where Van sells his items) and pressing 'A'.

Harvest sprites Harvest Moon cute?

There are 101 sprites in DS Cute, but you have to find at least 60 of them to get the H. Goddess back and get married.