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I'm not sure but i think it might be the people from shiny things lab.

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Q: How do you find the hackers in the sims bustin out game for Xbox when you are living in the octogon?
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What is sims 2 bustin out?

there is a sims 2 bustin out i have it at home unfortunatly you can not get it on xbox 360 but you can get it on: computer, playstation 2, and the xbox not the xbox 360

Can you play the sims bustin out Xbox on a Xbox 360?


Are there be hackers on xbox live?

yes and many

Why does Xbox have no hackers?

it dose but xbox ban as many as possable becouse it brakes there rules

What happens to hackers on halo?

If they use a glitch or cheat on Xbox live, they can get kicked out of Xbox live.

Will Sims Bustin out for Xbox work with Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, No. Here is a list of all Original Xbox games playable on the Xbox 360.

How do you get two people in a car on sims bustin out for xbox?

you can if your on 2 player mode your friend can but if your playing on your own then no sorry

In sims ps2 bustin out how do you pause the games and get the cheat unlock gnome?

i can only do it on xbox original it is great fun (-_-)

Is there any cheats for Sims Bustin out on the xbox?

all socials-L,R,A,DOWN,BLACK all objects-BLACK,UP,Y,DOWN,R

Can hackers track you down from xbox 360?

no. so if someone says "im tracking your ip right now! im gonna kill you!" they are lying...

What is the Sims bustin out money code?

Xbox: * R,Black,down (must enter cheat gnome first before all of these answers) * A,A,Y,Y,WHITE,WHITE,BLACK,BLACK PS2:i don't know if this cheat gives you money but it's called the same thing as one of the xbox cheats so * L3, R3, R1, R2 * L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 those are all the cheats i know about money and sims bustin' out

What game console is best?

ps3 by long time it depends on you. PS3 has free online gaming. but has less security than xbox. more hackers are found online on PS3 Xbox360 costs 10$ for a month xbox live and has more security in my opinion xbox is the best