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You can find Team Galactic commanders Mars and Jupiter at the deepest part of Stark Mountain. Hoped this helped!! (Only in Platinum)

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Q: How do you find team galactic in Stark Mountain?
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What do you do after beating team galactic in the stark mountain?

After beating team galactic at stark mountain go catch heatran.

Where do you find heatran after you beat team galactic in platinum?

in the back of stark mountain

Where is team galactic in stark mountain?

Team galactic is at the top of the mountain with the fowling members:Mars,Juipiter,and Cyrus.

What Pokemon does team galactic have in stark mountain?


Where is team galactic go after you msee them in stark mountain in Pokemon platinum?'s the end of team galactic.

Where do you find torchic in Pokemon platinum?

you go to stark mountain talk to tam galactic and be in their team and they will give you 1

How do you get to team galatic at stark mountain?

To get to Stark Mountain there should be some rocks you can't move. To get past them there should be a beige/tan colored rock. If you use your bike on them you should be able to get to Stark Mountain. If you find Team Galactic, after they get the magma stone they will get arrested. Then go out of Stark Mountain. If you can find where the magma stone was, Heatran will be there instead. It is level 50.

How do you get rid of team galactic grunts near stark mountain?

Catch heatran

When is the last time team galactic sees you?

Team Galactic as a whole last sees you in the Veilstone Headquarters but the last time any Team Galactic personnel is seen is in Stark Mountain.

What to do after finished team galactic?

battle tower ,get tougher complete pokedex and complete stark mountain

How do u get heatran on Pokemon platinum?

go back into stark mountain after beating team galactic there.

Where does team galactic go after spear pillar in Pokemon platinum?

After the Spear pillar, they go to Stark Mountain