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Go to the site posted to see how to get all the Sunstones.

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Q: How do you find sun stones in harvest moon sunshine islands?
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How do you find more sun stones in harvest moon sunshine islands?

Go to the fence where the elfs r and theres one there also there one over in ur farm by the windmill.

Where can you find a rubber boot on Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

You have to fish. Eventually you will catch a boot.

Where do you find orichilum on harvest moon sunshine islands?

On floors 25, 51-74, 225, and 250-254.

In the game harvest moon sunshine islands how do you get orichalcum?

You have to mine it on Volcano Island. You can find it at floors 25,51-74,225,and 250-254.

In harvest moon sunshine islands where do i find the excavation site in order to start mining I am in the Winter of the first year and can't find Carter or the mine am I too early in the game?

There is no Excavation Site in Sunshine Islands. You have to raise Volcano Island. That's where the mine is.

How do you get a sun stone in harvest moon island of happiness?

Well you can't get a sun stone in harvest moon island happiness. In Harvest moon sunshine island you can get sun stones but u find them in hidden places like the water wheel on your farm. Hope that helped : )

What does Mirabelle like in harvest moon sunshine islands?

i find she likes the white and yellow flowers best if you give one to her every day from a few seasons you will get a dog :D

Where are moon stones in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

You can find the moon stone in Harvest Moon Magical melody in the Cave. (I don't believe that their are moon stones in the underground lake, but hey it is wroth a shot.)

How do you get 3 wishes granted from the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon?

You have to find all 9 of the Wonderful Stones in the 4th Mine. They are all different colours and can be found on rocks on floors that end in zero.

Where can you find a Chelsea x mark fan fiction harvest moon sunshine island?

You can find fan fiction stories like that on websites such as Archive of Our Own, Wattpad, or by searching for "Chelsea x Mark Harvest Moon Sunshine Island fan fiction." Make sure to read the tags, ratings, and comments to find a story that matches your preferences.

On harvest moon sunshine islands how do you get a barn?

You have to go to Gannon's shop te carpenter and build a barn ( his shop won't open on sunday) to buid for example : Lumber = you can find it yourself to spend less money . cost = If you find the lumber yourself . cost (all) = if you don't find the lumber yourself you will pay more it will take 2 days yo build ..................ALWAYS PLEASURE..................

Where can I find sheet music for Summer Sunshine?

no but you can find the lyrics on elyrics.comsummers sunshine whoa whoa summer sunshine get little heat from the outside summer sunshine whoa whoa!