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wear the chief mask of digadig and go to greenhorn plains pay the 3000 coins entry at the top to get fossils and you'll find it.

make sure your sonar has the chip2

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Q: How do you find spinax body in fossil fighters?
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Where do you find spinax body fossils in fossil fighters?

You get him at greenhorn plains.(If wanting all body parts,you must buy fossil chips at the store.)

Where are all the body fossil of spin ax in fossil fighters?

You can buy it from the store in the fossil guild. If you can't find a Spinax there then go to Green Horn Plains

In fossil fighters DS where do you find Spinax?

Easy, he`s your first vivosaur and you can find Shanshan, Goyle, Megalo, V-raptor, and Spinax heads and all body parts of them there in Greenhorn Plains

Where to find spinax fossils in Fossil Fighters Champions?

Spinax is donation point vivosaur, meaning its fossils can be bought with donation points.

Where are spinax arms on fossil fighters?

You can't find Spinax legs and arms in greenhorn plains I think you can fid it when you complete the main story.

Where can you find megalo body fossil fighters?

in rivet ravine

Where are of body parts of vivasaurs in fossil fighters?

Vivasaurs in fossil fighters are broken down into four parts. A player must find the head, legs, arms and body to complete the fossil and revive the vivasaurs.

Fossil fighters where to find t-rex body and arms?

in parchment desert

How do you find the Ingo fossil on Fossil Fighters?

Igno is a king trye from fossil fighters champino

Where do you find sachian in fossil fighters?

If you meant Saichan, then Mt. Lavaflow in the regular Fossil Fighters. I'm not sure about Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Where you can find Shoni arms in fossil fighters?

how to get shoni arms in fossil fighters ds

Where do you find the frigisaur fossil on fossil fighters?

in the sea