How do you find shiny legendaries?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Either with action replay or luck; Shinies appear very rarely among any pokemon, let alone legendaries.

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Q: How do you find shiny legendaries?
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What legendaries can be shiny when soft reseting?

All legendaries can be shiny when soft resetting.

Will someone trade me Arceus I have all the 1st to 3rd gen legendaries non-shiny and many 4th gen legendaries non-shiny?

Sure, but if you have an action replay you can get it easier and without losing legendaries...look for the azure flute code.i have an arceus shiny or non shiny add my

What legendaries can you get on your Pokemon Ranch?

legendary shiny magicarp

Were do you find a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

A Shiny Pokemon can be found anywhere as long as wild Pokemon appear; even legendaries like Palkia or Dialga can appear Shiny! They are just extremely rare with a very low chance of 1/8192 encounters to find a Shiny.

How do you find rare Pokemon with a shiny?

unless they are in grassy patches you cant, only with action Replay or R4, (i dont even know why they make shiny legendaries if they are so hard to come by...)

Where to find a shiny Riakou?

Shiny legendaries are very rare. There is a very small chance of any of them being shiny, and if you battle one and see that they aren't shiny, the only way to get one is to start your game over (completely; erase existing data) and hope they are shiny next time.

How do you get shiny legendaries?

All you need to do to get shiny legendaries is save your game right before you fight a legendary and if it isn't shiny than just keep shutting your game off and turning it back on. This works for all versions starting with Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold

What are the legendary Pokémon that you can get or run into in shiny form?

All of the legendaries that aren't event-exclusive and some that are.

Does any one have a non shiny Mew you have a lot to offer from Spirtomb Feebas and many legendarys even a shiny Mew?

I have one. I also have many other legendaries like shiny Rayquaza and most of the Johto legendaries. I'll even trade them for rare Pokemon or rare If you want one answer the question what's your friend code and give me a time of trade.

What do you think is my best Pokemon i have 8 lvl 100 Rayquazas 1 lvl 100 uxie 1 lvl 100 shiny japanese Lucario and then the other legendaries that's what I have what is the best?

Definitely the shiny lucario. Mainly because it is shiny increases its rarity and because it's not a legendary means that you can use it in the battle tower and other spots that don't allow legendaries.

How do you get a shiny Pokemon?

When you battle a wild pokemon, legendaries ,and eggs included, you have an extremely difficult chance of finding one.

Can you get two shiny Pokemon on the game?

yes but the chances of getting a shiny in the first place is very very very low, people normally try getting legendaries shiny as it is easy to attle them and turn off. hope this helped you. :D