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if your talking about Harvest Moon Magical Melody they are located inside the cave next to Jamie's farm. you have to dig them up with a Hoe though and can be found right inside the entrance. sometimes you will find Ann in there as well.

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Q: How do you find pontata root on harvest moon?
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On harvest moon tree tranquility where do you find the pontata root for jin?

The potato root can be found in two places one in the mines when you hit the mole on the head and sometimes when you till your farm land you will find one.

Where do you find a potana root in Harvest Moon magical melody?

Go to the Moonlight Mine and use your hoe on the second floor.

I want to marry jin in harvest moon ToT but he keeps saying 'oh a blue feather' it's driving you crazy?

Have you finished his request for a Pontata Root yet? You can't marry him until you finish that request. Try the mine, or tilling your field. They're also sold @ the Spring and Summer Flea Markets. Hope this helps.

What does alex like in harvest moon mm in GameCube?

Herbs and potana root.

Who cuts down that big root on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

The carpenters son.

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How do you get the mother root cut on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

You must meet Gill, Dale, Bo, and Luke. Then examine the root on a sunny day. Gill will show up and talk about how that is supposed to get cut. There is a glitch that can happen where the root never gets cut. It can happen if you examine the root before meeting the correct people.

Can you make medicine on Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Yes. for a stamina drink you need an anging pot, a ponta root and a red herb and the same goes for a potin but you need a green herb.

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How do you get rid of the root by the carpender's house harvest moon tree of tranquility?

examine the root by pressing A by it while on the Caramel River District side. A scene will trigger with Gill, then go to the Carpenter's Shop while it's open. You'll trigger another sequence of scenes that automatically removes the root. Beware, though - make absolute sure to meet Dale before examining the root. Otherwise you may trigger a glitch that makes the root unable to be removed.

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