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go to the bottem of the well ( the sience lab ) there you wil find a metally.

(you have to giv ede professor an monster that knows an lightning attack.)

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Q: How do you find metaly in Dragon Warrior Monsters?
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Where can you find a seasaur in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker?

You can't but you can make one @ dragon quest

Where can you find seed of skill in dragon quest 9?

you can get it from certain monsters

What is an easy way to enrage monsters in dragon quest 9 for the quest Hoarse Whisperer?

get a warrior and get him to learn whistle. whistle is in the last section ( sword skills, spear skills, and the last one) then find a good monster and keep using it and using the ranger skill

Where can you find the badges in dragon quest 9?

The sword master gave the towns you needed to find the badges so you fight monsters around that area and eventually the monsters will drop a badge

Where can you find scarewolves on dragon quest 9?

On the Lonely Coast and around Bloomingdale, sometimes they will appear with other monsters in battle.

How do you find Red Dragon coins in Crystal Saga?

You will find Dragon Coins (including red ones) when killing 'elite' monsters. 'Red' Dragon Coins can also be purchased at the 'Fate Shop', found on the bottom left of your map, though you'll have to pay 75 Crystals.

How do you find all the armor pieces in adventure quest worlds?

they are in greenguards and the monsters are gell oh no,greenguard dragon,deathgrazer and greenguard basalik

Where to find dragon 2h RuneScape?

Dropped by all level 2 or under monsters, chicken lvl 1 certain drop. Obviously.

How do you scout a boss troll in dragon quest monsters joker?

Go to fert isle and you'll find him in a cave. He doesn't respawn so be careful.

Where do you get a bone baron on dragon quest monsters?

sadly you can't find them , but you can synthesise them (Grim rider + mohawker) Or... (Grim rider + Dark slime knight)

Where do you find a behemoth slime in Dragon Quest monsters Joker?

You can find the behemoth slime on the slime uncharted island. I found out that it usually appears after every other battle. Hope that helps.

How do you get the arcane warrior in dragon age?

'Arcane Warrior' specialisation is unlocked in the Elven Ruins in the Brecilian forest. You will find a phylactery (different to the Black Vial ones) in a room with a blood altar. Speaking to the spirit in the gem will have it offer the specialisation in exchange for its freedom.