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grow it your self

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Q: How do you find bamboo in the sims 2 castaway for ds?
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How do you get bamboo on Sims castaway Nintendo ds?

You have to get seeds from Mrs. Weeder and grow Bamboo.

Can you get sims castaway on PSP or DS?

You can get sims castaway on both PSP and the DS

Can you have a baby on sims castaway on DS?

no you can not have a baby on the sims 2 castaway on ds or ps2 or psp only on sims castaway stories for PC

Where to find a curry dish on sims castaway?

you go to the water hole (the ds game) sims castaway pat the dog

How do you find soda and chocolate on sims 2 castaway for ds?

A person can find soda and chocolate on Sims 2 Castaway for the Nintendo DS by digging for rocks and creating an SOS message on the beach. The food will then drop from the sky.

How do you get married on the Sims 2 Castaway DS?

if think you cant get married in sims 2 castaway

Do sims get married on The Sims 2 castaways for the ds?

your sims can't get married in the sims 2 Castaway for the DS.

Can you get married and have babies on sims castaway for ds?


Can sims get married on sims 2 castaway for ds?

Yes they can, but it is not easy.

What consoles can you get sims castaway on?

I know most definetly you can get sims castaway on the wii and Nintendo ds and i think you can get it on PC as well.

How do you get to the volcano sumit on sims castaway?

well how do you get tearcous seaweed on sims2 castaway ds

How do you get vines on sims 2 castaway for ds?

You cannot get vines. You only can get bamboo, and alot of more things that's found for cutting supplies, that you find or got, and things that you find on the ground, those are the possible ways of learning how to get your supplies, finding it.