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You Must Capture, Trade, Or Evlove 60 Pokemon

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Q: How do you find all of the Pokemon in the national pokedex in Pokemon fire red ive found a few but cant find any more?
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What is the pokemon after finneon in the pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

the pokemon after finneon is lumineon if you need if for your pokedex you should battle the first trainer you find when surfing north of sunnyshore city. if you want to catch it you should probably evolve a finneon but it is sometimes found using a super rod (which you cant get till finishing pokedex) this was the last pokemon i needed to see for my pokedex too and i didnt know how to get a super rod so i looked everywhere and battled that girl and realized that after seeing every pokemon in sinnoh you can get one at fight area

Where can you catch seedot in Pokemon Pearl?

No you cant catch one alone with no other game but if you have ruby insert it into the ds with Pokemon pearl and go on Pokemon pearl and go to Route 203 or Route 204 after obtaining the national pokedex. (Rudy game inserted)

Can you trade from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon Crystal?

No, crystal is too old to use pal park (wont go in a DS) and anything of an earlier generation, unless the new one has no new Pokemon, cant trade. Example= platinum and heart-gold/soul-silver could because both have same national pokedex, but sapphire/ruby and black/white couldn't because black has more Pokemon in national pokedex. So you need to get a heart-gold/soul-silver game to trade from Johto.

How do you get a Kanto starter in sapphire?

You cant get a kanto starter on Pokemon sapphire but if you have Pokemon emerald then you complete the pokedex then you get a choice of starters from the johto region. I hope this helped.:)

Where is sun stone in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find Sun Stones on the pokewalker on Volcano Path (must have National Pokedex and takes 10,000 watts to get the path). You can buy them at the Pokeathlon Dome on certain days. If you with the bug catching contest (National Park), you may win a Sun Stone (or one of the other stones). NO acully u cant get it in the pokeathon dome ive checked You can get them at the pokeatholon dome only after you get the national pokedex.

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How Do You Get Todidile In Pokemon Pearl?

You cant unless you have a national pokedex and migrate a pokemon.

How do you get the super rod in Pokemon platinum without the national pokedex?

you cant

Where can you see a kindra in Pokemon platinum?

you cant if you want to see it you have to get the national pokedex

Where can you find the national pokedex in platinum?

you cant find it, you have to see all the Pokemon sapphire.

Where do you SEE treeko mudkip or torchick in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to migrate it and u have to have the national pokedex in Pokemon diamond

How do you get an elekid in diamond?

You have to have the national pokedex, because you cant find a lot more Pokemon without it. :)

How do you get totadile on Pokemon Diamond?

To get totadile on Pokemon Diamond you have to finish the Sinnoh pokedex and the National pokedex. When you finish both of those you have to go to professor Birch and he will say he has 3 Pokemon that he found with his son and cant take care of them on his own and wants you to take care of one. -Growlithe Girl

You have beaten the elite four but yet you still cant migrate why is that?

You need to get the national pokedex, which means that you need to see the 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh pokedex.

Where do you get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you go east in victroy road In Pokemon HeartGold?

you need the national pokedex. but i have it and i still cant go that way

Do you have to have the national pokedex to do the arceus event in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant,there are no more darkrai events in America

Pokemon pearl how to refresh the pokedex?

you cant