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By exploring or you could find a seed that spawns you in a swamp biome.

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Q: How do you find a swamp in minecraft?
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How do you get swamp water in Minecraft?

There is no special 'swamp water' in vanilla Minecraft. All of the water there is the same as the normal water in the rest of Minecraft.

How do you make a swamp in Minecraft?

Unless you have mods, It is difficult to create biomes (for example, a forest, swamp, desert, etc). Swamps have a different shaded block for dirt, and it isn't possible to get that shade in other biomes. The easiest way to get a swamp is to walk around and find one. Use creative mode, if you have it. If you need to have a swamp nearby another area, use command blocks to teleport you to the swamp and back.

Can we find wetlands in the eastern shore swamp?

Dismal Swamp

Where can you find a swamp in Asia?

you can find over a thousands swaps in Asia.Who would'nta swamp in Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are minecraft jungle biomes out yet if not when will they be out?

they dont have jungle, per se, but they have a swamp biome and a forest biome.

Where in runescape would you be able to find swamp tar?

Lumbridge Swamp

Where do you go on runescape to find swamp toads?

To find swamp toads in Runescape you will need to go to swamp, Northwest of the grand tree (Tree Gnome Strong Hold).

Why won't you tell me about Minecraft?

This is not the place to find out about Minecraft. Look at the Minecraft Wiki to find out about the game in general.

Where can you find Minecraft skins in Borderlands 2?

You can find it at the minecraft skindex

Where can you get swamp toads in RuneScape?

in runescape you can find swamp toads in the swamp northwest of the grand tree (Tree Gnome Strong Hold).

Where do you mostly find a swamp?

on a cape

Can there be a which hut on superflat land on minecraft?

Witch's Hut is only found in a Swamp Biome, it isn't available on Superflat Land Mode.