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Nether fortresses are pretty rare. You just have to keep on looking. Please give me a trust point.

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Q: How do you find a neather fortress in minecraft survival?
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What are good Minecraft survival servers?

Check on websites such as planet minecraft or other sources to find the latest survival servers that have been pinged and work.

How do you find horses on minecraft survival?

Try looking in a plains biome, that's where they spawn the most.

What are some of the multiplayer building games you don't have to download?

Minecraft Classic and Survival mode (singleplayer and multiplayer can be played on the browser but it may be faster if you download it. [You have to pay for Minecraft survival but you don't have to for classic]) I'll post more games when I find them, but Minecraft is the best game in the world in my opinion.

How do you get villagers in Minecraft?

In creative there is a spawn egg for spawning a villager, but in survival you have to find a village, there its a lot of villagers walking around:)!

How do you get sugarcane in minecraft pocket edition?

In survival mode, you can find it growing next to bodies of water, on grass or dirt. It isn't very easy to find, but it's there.

How do you get sky block survival on Minecraft?

Go on the internet and find a Skyblock 2.1 Download and download it. Then drag the downloaded folder into Finder>Library>Application Support> minecraft> saves. Then go onto Minecraft and go play some Skyblock :)

Where do you get team fortress two?

You can find Team Fortress 2 at

How do you get redstone on minecraft pocket edition survival?

U have to go mining. When u find a block with red ore in it, u have found red stone!!

How do you install the ant farm survival map for minecraft?

First you have to find the specific download on the map online. A wide variety of forums and blogs have this available.

Which is better on minecraft survival or creative?

Depends, do you like to to build with unlimited materials, health, and flight or trying to fight of monsters whit whatever you can find Sometimes what I do is I make a fort in creative and switch it to survival (press esc and click on creative or survival to switch to the other)

Can you find dimonds in creative mode on minecraft?

No, in creative mode you have every block so therefore there is nothing to achieve. You can reach the achievements that you wish to pursue in survival mode, where you must harvest everything on your own.

Where is forbidden fortress in windwaker?

The Forbidden Fortress is at the upper left corner of the map. Easy to find.