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Well there are two ways-

•Meditate and a coffee cherry may appear.


•Look around in your world, you could come across one.

But know this, if you plant coffee trees it will take about 8 days for them to mature.

When that happens, the coffee cherries will sprout. (Also-when you pick them, they will regrow in like about 5-10 minutes.

FACT (not really)- you can eat coffee cherries to gain more fatigue until you do work or walk too much --lol--






Once you have these resources, you can make

green coffee beans. Then you can make coffee

Beans, if you want to make coffee, you need to make a cup out of clay in the kiln, (and I think you need a bucket of water) when you drink it, this effect will make you more less sleepy all the time. (Example- maybe you can use it for mining for minerals in long periods or just crafting something in your furnace or something. OK THAT IS ALL!


-- i meditated which was the easiest way--

--for me to find these rare resources, lol!--

--now I've got tonnes of these trees, haha--

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Q: How do you find a coffee cherry in the blockheads app?
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