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If you mean paras, you have to go to the Great Marsh after getting the national dex. If you mean wormadam, evolve a burmy, which you can find from putting honey on honey trees in the Eterna forest. It evolves at level 20. There is also a trainer who has one on route 214, by Veilstone city (the one with blond hair).

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Q: How do you find Pokemon number 46 in Pokemon diamond?
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In Pokemon diamond were to find Pokemon number 46?

Somewhere cool

What Pokemon is number 46 in Pokemon Diamond?

Number 46 is Paras.

In Pokemon diamond what Pokemon is number 46 in the shinoh pokedex?

Number 46 is a WORMADAM. If you want to find one I'm afraid i don't know where to get one.

In the Sinnoh pokedex what Pokemon is number 46 on Pokemon Diamond?

Wormadon. Wormadon Is the number 46 on Pokemon diamon

What pokemon is number 46 on the national pokedex in Pokémon Diamond?


Where can you get Pokemon 46 on Pokemon Diamond?

According to the pokedex you can get it in the safari game. (If you are talking about National Pokedex number 46, which is Paras).

What is Pokemon 46 on Pokemon Diamond?


Where do you find Pokemon numbe 46 on Pokemon diamond?

Pokemon #46 is on route 214 an there is a girl trainer that is a beauty based one and she has blond hair, she wll have a wormadam.

Where else can you find Pokemon 45 and 46 besides the yellow trees in Pokemon diamond?

u cant find them anywhere else

In diamond where can you find Pokemon 46?

You cannot find this Pokemon in the wild you will have to evlolve a female burmy at lv.20, to get it. Or you can get it through the GTS.

Where can you find 46 in Pokemon diamond not the national dex?

Route 214 threres a beauty fight her because wormadam is her pokemon.

Where can you find Pokemon number 46?

You can find #46 (Paras) in the Safari Game in pkmn LG or FR.