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you lick my buns

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Q: How do you fight Clair in Pokemon Gold?
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What gym is Clair in in Pokemon gold version?

Blackthorn Gym she leads with Dragon Pokemon.

Can you have a rematch against Lance and Clair on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Yes, you can.

How do you get a dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon gold?

from the game corner or dragons cave or from the temple after beating Clair

How do you get into dragon cave in Pokemon Gold?

By beating the gym leader Clair in Blackthorn City.

Can you fight ash and Gary in Pokemon emerald?

No. But, you can fight them (as gym leaders) In Pokemon Silver/Gold.

Where is clair in pokemon?

Clair is in the gym in Blackthorn City

What is the purpose of the Clair character in Pokemon?

Clair is a cousin of Lance of the Elite Four. Claire's purpose is leader of the gym in Blackthorn City. Her purpose is to defeat the player. She is a major enemy in Pokemon. She is a boss! As gym leader, she will battle the player for the right to earn a new badge. Claire is most adept with Pokemon that are Dragon-type. She will fight the player with Dratini, Dragonair, and Kingdra in the Gold version, the Silver version, and Crystal.

How do you fight ash in Pokemon Gold?

You can't fight ash...only red

What Pokemon Does Clair Have In Pokemon HeartGold?

she uses dragon type Pokemon and she is the blackthorn city gym on heart gold (UK but available in USA) and Soul silver (USA but available in UK) soul silver and heart gold are both the same except the Pokemon!

What to do in Pokemon Gold after 7th badge?

go through the ice path to blackthorn city and beat clair tp get the 8th badge

Where does your rival go when he leaves mt moon in Pokemon soul silver?

Dragon's den in Johto, You'll then fight Clair and Lance with the Rival

What to do when you finish battling Clair in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You go to the cave behind the gym and answer the old man's questions in the shrine with compassion (you will need whirlpool). Then Clair will come in ,shocked, and will give you the badge. Then, you can go to New Bark town and sail east to the Pokemon League.