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Hold meat, such as rotten flesh (don't worry, your wolf won't get poisoned or anything), and click on your wolf.

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Q: How do you feed a wolf in minecraft?
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How do you feed a wold on minecraft xbox 360 edition?

you most feed a wolf bones on the game Minecraft for Xbox 360.

How do you feed a wolf something in Minecraft after it's tamed?

Get out a raw porkchop and right click on it if the wolf is hurt.

How do you get tamed wolvesto mate Minecraft?

To tame a wolf you simply have to equip a bone which you can get from skeletons, then walk up to a wolf and press LT this will feed it the bone. you may have to do this several times but if love hearts appear above his head hes tame. As a side note if you feed lamb to two tame wolfs they will have a baby.

How do you feed animals in minecraft?

The only animal you can feed is a wolf and that is after you have tamed it,if you have Mo'creatures then you do so by holding the food and right clicking same applies for wolves

Can you tame a bat in minecraft?

No, you can only tame wolves and ocelots on Minecraft.

How long does it take for a tamed wolf to have puppies in minecraft?

You have to have 2 tamed wolves and feed them each a piece of meat and it will happen a few seconds after that.

How do you get a dog in Minecraft?

feed a bone to a wolf you might need to give it more than one and you get bones from skeletons unless you are in creative mode

How do you feed a wolf on xbox 360?

Minecraft you would need to kill a pig then give the pork chop to the wolf by walking up to it then pressing LT looking directly at it! hope this helped!

How do you get everything across the zip line in opoptropica?

first you take the chicken then you go back to the feed and wolf after that take the feed to the chicken the take the chicken with you back to the wolf and take the wolf to the feed then take the chicken to the wolf and feed

Can you disown a wolf in minecraft?

The only way you can disown a wolf is to kill it.

How do you dye wolf collars in Minecraft?

wolf collars cannot be dyed

Is there any game where you can adopt a wolf besides World Of Warcraft?

The first game that came to my mind was Minecraft. Feed bones to a wolf and you tame the wolf, and it will follow you around and fight for you. There may very well be other games as well, but I don't play all that many to tell you if there where.