How do you fake shot in FIFA 09?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is no for fake shot..

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Q: How do you fake shot in FIFA 09?
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How do you fake shot on FIFA 12 PS3?

I Dont Think You Can Do A Fake One

Is FIFA 09 a good game?

no fifa is a really poor game very fake so over all really really bad

How do you do a chip shot on fifa 09 on the Wii?

Aim at the goal and when the goalie run out to you press A.

Which is better FIFA 08 or FIFA 09 on DS?

Fifa 09

Is there a areana on FIFA 09 ps2?

No, there is no arena in Fifa 09 Ps2 but there is arena in Fifa 09 Ps3.

Are there FIFA 09 Skills?

type FIFA 09 skills tutorial at YouTube

How do you unlock argentine league in FIFA 09?

There is not an Argentine League in Fifa 09

What league are partizan belgrade in on FIFA 09?

there's no partizan in the fifa 09

What is FIFA 09?

Fifa 09 is a football video game; released in october 2008.

Is there commentators for FIFA 09 demo?

No if you want commentators for FIFA 09, just get the full version!

Can we complete challenge mode in FIFA 09?

yes you can complete challenges in FIFA 09,infact the challenges in FIFA 08 were really hard

Who is the best at FIFA 09 for Xbox 360?

A man named Sneaky works kids on Fifa 09