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You have to use task manager or shut your computer off. But you CANNOT click Esc as it automatically saves the game.

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Q: How do you exit without saving in Minecraft?
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How do you edit stardoll without saving?

You just don't save it exit it out without saving your stardoll and it will not be saved.

How do you go to the menu on Minecraft?

To do so press the 'start' button, Then the options are here where you can exit; you can either exit and save or exit without save. Also in the start menu you can edit settings and also change your skin.

What keys do you press to exit CMOS setup without saving any changes?

The answer varies according to bios and manufacturer.

What ID is a chest in Minecraft?


How do you exit your inventory in minecraft?

The button to exit your inventory is the same as the one you use to open it, by default it is the 'E' key.

How do you use MCEdit in Minecraft singleplayer?

you have to exit out of minecraft and open the program. Look up this guy name sethbling on

What happens when you have saving chunks then the screen goes black in minecraft?

You sit there disappointed...

How do you join games on minecraft full version?

To join a minecraft sever, click 'Muliplayer'. Then 'Add server' Give it a name. Then enter the IP ! Note: Direct connect is for simply joinning a server without adding a name and its IP to your list. The IP is remembered for the laster server you visited through direct connect when you exit Minecraft.

What did you do if your Minecraft was crashed?

This is just my opinion, and it works most of the time. It is very simple. Just exit out of Minecraft and log back in. It's easy as pie!

How do you play minecraft without java or having to download it?

Because Minecraft is built around Java, it is currently impossible to play Minecraft without Java.

What do you do when the menu pops up on minecraft classic multiplayer?

To exit the menu press escape. (ESC)

How do you exit the crafting screen in Minecraft?

press I that's the default control unless you change the controls