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Apple + return

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Q: How do you exit full screen sims 3 on mac?
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How do you you full screen in Minecraft?

To go full screen in Minecraft, you press F11. (Not sure if it works on Mac, but it probably does)

Can you download the Sim's2 of the internet for a mac?

You can buy Sims 2 and the original Sims as well for mac. But you can't download it off the internet. But you can play online. Not the full version, but on facebook there is one...

How do you fix full screen crash on visual boy advance for mac?

coco nuts

When Does The sims medieval come out for Mac?

The Sims Medieval is for PC and MAc. So, it is already out.

Can you install sims 3 on a PC and a mac?

Yes you can install Sims 3 on a PC or a Mac.

Should you buy the sims 3 for mac?

Yes because macs are awesome and the sims is awesome so if you like playing Sims and you have a Mac then buying Sims 3 for the Mac would seem like a good idea.

Where gan you get sims 2 Mac?

mac store

Can sims 3 run on powerpc G5 mac?

As Sims 3 requires a Mac with an Intel processor it will not run on a Mac with a G5 processor.

How do you install sims 2 on Mac?

You need the Mac Sims 2 game, and then when you put into your computer, a little sims 2 disc will pop up. click on it. Then drag the Sims 2 app to your hard drive, and it will begin to install. Be sure you have the MAC disc or it will not work!

Is The Sims 4 for Mac?

A mac version is currently being developed.

Can you window the sims 2 mac?


Does sims 2 PC work on a mac?

Yes. Only if it has the mac sign on the case. I know it works because I have a mac computer and sims 2 and it seems to be working rather well!